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Thanks Blake for this,

I finished adjusting counties to these boundaries. I imported district boundaries as well. 

Now we are looking for such information for Guinea and Liberia. I contacted a contributor who added districts in Sierra Leone 2 years ago. He responded quickly and sent me very detailed shape files coming from the Sierra Leone Statistical dept. But it seems to be a private copy he received. It would be good if we could negociate open license for this. But no contacts.

The same in Guinea, Prefecture boundaries have been added. But we dont know where they come from.

As you saw in the last email to the HOT list, the UN agencies are counting on OSM except WHO which keep is one Map database.  We are looking at adding pcodes to the place names. But first, a lot of work to do.

Blake, I dont know how exactly the file for Liberia came to us. If you had a contact in the Liberia Statistical office, please inform them that the boundaries for counties and districts are now available in OSM. And a great thank to them.

About names that we see on LISGIS maps. Do we have files with geolocated place name? This would be an other tool to validate our info.


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Le 20/08/2014 16:13, Blake Girardot a écrit :
> [...]
> I would love another map source for Liberia.

And it seems that you found it. :)

8 georeferenced County maps from LISGIS (from this page:
) that include villages (with population larger than 200) names and
locations, in addition to counties and districts boundaries are
available as TMS.

Their URLs for JOSM are:
Ebola LISGIS Bomi  
Ebola LISGIS Bong  
Ebola LISGIS Gbarpolu  
Ebola LISGIS Grand Bassa  
Ebola LISGIS Grand Cape Mount  
Ebola LISGIS Grand Gedeh  
Ebola LISGIS Grand Kru  
Ebola LISGIS Lofa  

My understanding of the letter from LISGIS that you forwarded to us is
that their content is in the public domain.

(LISGIS should be mentioned as source.)

The remaining 7 maps from that page only show counties and districts
boundaries. Since the split is on alphabetical order, maybe it was just
an oversight that they do not contain the villages. (In case someone is
interested, they are available as WMS only, not TMS for now, from

I'll look into setting up the polling station data.

Best wishes,


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