[HOT] GNS name import How-to screen casts

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 06:54:44 UTC 2014

In the interest of getting more people interested and confident in 
working on the GNS name import, I recorded some videos of the 
configuration and the process of merging names.

I have no idea if they are helpful or not but I thought I would post 
them here to get feedback or help people get familiar with the process.

The first few are configuration of JOSM, the rest are the actual process 
I follow. You can skip a few of the config ones because they are 
optional and just for how I prefer to do the process.

I put them together sort of quickly so they are not really polished, I 
was hoping they might do as is and I apologize if they turn out to be 
unhelpful and just waste your time.



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