[HOT] HOT Tasking Manager: missing a frontpage by projects

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Sun Sep 7 21:28:03 UTC 2014

Pierre & Severin,

I agree with you both in that the layout of the home or front page could 
/ should be improved.

There is always going to be some discussion about 'urgent' or 'high', 
which will often vary according to the readers perspective - if it's 
your house on fire it tends to be your priority. But, the 
classifications at least give an indication - there are many of us who 
rely on 'someone in the organization' to look at the overall situation & 
make an educated decision as to priorities & we at least take note of 
that guidance. There will be many times when my mapping (or validation) 
is based upon this priority system.

But I have also learnt that in life I need a certain amount of variety - 
I have in the past traced buildings day after day after day, but if that 
were the only type of task available to me, I would be unable to 
maintain my level of concentration & commitment for the months / years 
that the overall project & concept of HOT will require. The concept of 
themes or tags could allow a simple method of providing some level of 
variety for HOTties so they continue to contribute rather than drift 
away because they no longer felt challenged. Some tasks also need to be 
simple, or quick because someone is learning, or they know they only 
have a very limited amount of time available at that moment.

Before I retired my organisation changed many of its operating systems, 
and they reviewed their working systems on a regular basis - as a man 
manager I was encouraged to ensure my staff felt they could influence 
the decisions made - they had some form of 'ownership' of their working 
environment. We also encouraged a sense of geographical ownership, so 
that we attempted to make sure that our chosen geographical area 
received the best treatment - many of our staff went beyond what was 
expected of them because they felt an affiliation to an area or problem.

The TM tends to be our focal point, so it could contain more links to 
jobs which are outside of the normal 'map this square' requirement, as 
well as the more normal mapping requirements - Each task could therefore 
have a number of tags or labels applied to it, such as;
Quick / simple mapping, Complicated - involves correcting problems with 
relations, Urgent, Validating required, Suitable for newbies, Field 
Papers - adding address details following a ground survey, Missing Maps 
Project, Map Lesotho, MSF, Red Cross / Crescent, WASH data import, 
translation of article from French to Italian, etc.. & some tasks are a 
simple link to a wiki or web page explaining what is required, etc..

I can see that what I've outlined here could easily appear messy, and 
careful design would be needed to ensure it does not degenerate into a 
flow chart nightmare.

I'm not sure how everyone else uses their time, but I look at the TM at 
least once a day, and to me it makes sense to have more links from it & 
use it as the focal point it has become.


Nick (Tallguy)

On 04/09/14 22:36, Pierre Béland wrote:
> Hi Severin,
> While we discussed the development of V2, I proposed  to classify the 
> jobs by project and to present on the main page the list of projects.
> We can provide a link for the contributors to access all the jobs for 
> a project like the link below. But I dont find it satisfactory.
> http://tasks.hotosm.org/?sort_by=priority&direction=asc&search=south-sudan
> With all the projects going on and these Major activations taking all 
> the place, I can understand the frustration of many coordinators.
> Your proposition of grouping the projects in various thematics is 
> interesting.  And your classification looks satisfactory to me.
> For a given project, we often use the same short_description text, 
> from one job to the other. The contributors are confronted with a long 
> list of description of projects. I dont find this very appealing.
> What I would see is a hierarchy
> Thematics
> - Project
>   - job
>   - job
> One enhancement would also be to use a hide / show functions with + , 
> - signs to present the thematics, projects and jobs. At the beginning, 
> only the title for each of these elements would be presented.
> I would vote for such addition to be a priority in the developments to 
> make to the TM.
> Pierre
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> Hi,
> The current front page of the Tasking Manager v2 looks like a lot to 
> the v1, with a search bar and an automatic ranking. The default one is 
> no more the creation date, but the priority .
> Actually, this way of presenting the projects is quite messy and make 
> invisible everything that is no high or urgent (and IMHO it is 
> complicated to make the difference between high and urgent when it 
> deals with a deep humanitarian crisis, between population killed by 
> such epidemic or another, civil war or was between two states), like 
> the development or preparedness projects. Some crisis related projects 
> are also quickly going in the bottom where few mappers will go and dig.
> Thus anybody has no clear idea about the ongoing projects and many 
> contributing opportunities are missed.
> IMHO, the front page should present (at least) these categories:
> - Priority tasks for those who would like to go to the current front page
> - Crisis Activations
> - Crisis support (or a better expression related what is not under an 
> 'official" HOT Activation but relates to a crisis, like the Tharparkar 
> Drought this year),
> - Disaster Preparedness
> - Development projects
> - Humanitarian organization requests (that actually can crosscut other 
> categories)
> - Community driven projects (for those made by local OSM communities)
> All those categories would lead to a page where the projects have one 
> slot each, then the child pages would list the different jobs related 
> to each of them.
> Having a tagging system of jobs would facilitate such page 
> presentation. Thoughts?
> Sincerely,
> Severinb
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