[HOT] Use of satellite imagery for HOT educational material on the OSM wiki - MapBox comes through again!

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 16:44:30 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

This topic came up when talking about a guide for interpreting satellite 
imagery: Could we legally use screenshots of satellite images for such a 
guide or other educational uses.

I wrote the OSM License Working Group and asked them if it would be ok 
to use satellite imagery from Bing or could we get permission. Simon 
Poole referred me to MapBox instead since the imagery is the same 
usually and he felt logistically it would be much easier and quicker to 
find the right person to speak with at MapBox.

Well, of course he was correct and Alex Barth from MapBox gave us 
permission to use screenshots of their imagery right away. Below is a 
copy of the email he sent to me:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Question about using screen shots of Bing imagery for an 
identification guide on the OSM wiki
Date: 	Tue, 9 Sep 2014 08:23:29 -0700
From: 	Alex Barth <alex at ...com>
To: 	Simon Poole <simon at ...org>
CC: 	Blake Girardot <bgirardot at ...com>, Paul Goodman <paul at ...com>

Blake -

Please go ahead and use screenshots from Mapbox Satellite for any public 
wiki documentation for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team. Consider 
this email an express permission :)

Cheers and thanks for all your hard work!



Thank you very much Alex and Simon.


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