[HOT] Training or Coaching Task / Project within TM?

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Sun Sep 14 19:06:47 UTC 2014

With 1,132 contributors to the West Africa Activation so far, plus many new contributors, our challenge is both to assure a good quality of mapping and support the new contributors.

As we discussed, we can alert a contributor, provide him information about the validators comments. Other then that,  what process can we use to do some spot checks? Which category of contributor should we try to look at to rapidly spot problems and support the contributors? Criterias such as experience and volume of edits would be an option to reduce the number of contributors to look at. The great majority of new contributors, edit one or two days maximum and edit less then 1,000 objects. Their volume of edit is minimal as compare to others. 

New contributors since october 2013

The contributors with more then six months of experience before the Activation account for 696, and the ones with a new account after october 2013 (Uid>=1766285) for 636.

Among these 636 contributors, the analysis shows that the 481 of them  with less then 1,000 objects edited, contributed to 121,721 edits. The  155 contributors (+ 1,000 edits), edited 1,680,226 objects, which is 14 time more then the first group. This second group participates intensively and should be supported first to correct if they make mistakes. We should first focus on them, provide them a good experience of mapping with us.

From the Task Manager Statistic page, we can access the  User profile page. It provides us rapidly an history of the contribution of the mapper and a Overpass query that shows a map of the contribution for a particular job.

Adding at the top of this User profile the creation date of his OSM account would provide information on how long he is with OSM. Validators could have a criteria to select in priority contributors that already have completed 5 tasks or more with the Task Manager. 

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