[HOT] Visualizing OSM data with cartodb to aid HOTOSM validation

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Thu Sep 11 04:05:50 UTC 2014


Thanks for that. I've added a very brief entry to this section of the 
wiki describing validating


Your blog post looks is very informative, but I'm not sure what else I 
should add to the wiki - I'm well out of my depth with what you are 
describing and doing, but what you have described and done could be 
extremely useful. Please feel free to expand on the very brief wiki entry.

I've been tagging the round thatched buildings used as residences in 
many parts of the Ebola affected areas as 'building=hut'. Until your 
email I had assumed that building=hut was listed in the wiki's for the 
round buildings, but I've just had a quick check and it is not - I'll do 
a separate message to the mailing list on this subject.

Thanks again for your work on this.


On 06/09/14 11:37, spatialbits wrote:
> Hi all,
> as this is my first post on the list I'd like to introduce myself
> quickly. My name is Martin and I am located in Frankfurt am Main,
> Germany. I started to contribute to HOTOSM a while ago supporting mainly
> the Ebola related tasks so far.
> During mapping and validation work I was looking for a way to quickly
> track down specific validation issues in a wider area and experimented a
> bit with cartodb visualizations. I thought it might be worth sharing and
> so I wrote up a short blog post and published the map layers for those
> who might be interested:
> http://spatialbits.blogspot.de/2014/09/visualizing-osm-data-with-cartodb-to.html
> Best wishes,
> Martin
> (@spatialbits)
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