[HOT] Visualizing OSM data with cartodb to aid HOTOSM validation

spatialbits spatialbits at posteo.net
Thu Sep 11 19:12:40 UTC 2014

Nick, Blake,

thanks for your feedback!

> Thanks for that. I've added a very brief entry to this section of the
> wiki describing validating
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Tasking_Manager/Validating_data#Useful_Tools_for_validating
> Your blog post looks is very informative, but I'm not sure what else I
> should add to the wiki - I'm well out of my depth with what you are
> describing and doing, but what you have described and done could be
> extremely useful. Please feel free to expand on the very brief wiki entry.

Basically I just rendered a very specific part of the OSM database as
points for a very specific purpose (in comparison: the OSM standard
layer is rendered with mapnik, using a big part of the DB/many features
for a general purpose: a nice looking map). While this could be done
with other tools of course, with cartodb it just seem to work out
smoothly and quickly.

This exercise wasn't necessarily meant to create follow-up activities,
however if it would be considered useful we could work on another
example that would actually update the map on a regular basis, showing
clusters of certain potential issues.

> building=hut
> I've been tagging the round thatched buildings used as residences in
> many parts of the Ebola affected areas as 'building=hut'. Until your
> email I had assumed that building=hut was listed in the wiki's for the
> round buildings, but I've just had a quick check and it is not - I'll do
> a separate message to the mailing list on this subject.

Just to get this straight: I was experimenting with filtering the data
and visualizations, it was not at all my intention to claim that
specific tags should not be used! Actually I have used building=hut as
well as I saw it around and it seemed to make sense...



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