[HOT] Training or Coaching Task / Project within TM? (Nick Allen)

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Thank you for your message. It's good to know that research is taking 
place at such a level.

It would be good if you, and perhaps other members of your group, joined 
the HOT Training Working Group.

The wiki entry concerning the Training WG is 
& the Hackpad containing discussion points is at 

Sharing & pooling our resources would be ideal.



On 10/09/14 16:20, Melanie Eckle wrote:
> Dear Nick,
> my name is Melanie, I am reserach assistant at the GIScience 
> department of the Heidelberg University/ Germany. Our group is focused 
> on research in the area of Volunteered Geographic Information. One of 
> the subjects we are investigating at the moment is to find ways to 
> improve the quality/ accuracy of remote mapping by volunteers. With 
> this background, I was very happy to read your post in the mailing 
> list, since your idea fits very well with our efforts.
> I could not agree more and would be very happy to contribute. I have 
> been mapping for quite some time, conducted trainings with new mappers 
> and have been working on new possibilities to facilitate the mapping 
> process for beginners. I developed some training material for that 
> purpose, showing the most important steps to be taken before mapping, 
> common errors that occur during mapping and introducing some 
> shortcuts. Working in Kathmandu with KathmanduLivingLabs, I also 
> discovered the problems remote mappers got identifying unknown 
> features in foreign countries. A problems that often leads to wrong 
> tagging or digitization. On this account, the second part of the 
> training material gives an overview of the most common features that 
> can be found in the country that the mapping is conducted in (in this 
> case Nepal) and the right tags that need to be used (Nepal taggging 
> guidelines). I am actually testing the use of the material and already 
> got good results and very positive feedback by the new mappers that 
> used the training dossier.
> I am happy to share the material if you are interested and would love 
> to find out more about your project idea.
> Kind regards
> Melanie
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