[HOT] Training or Coaching Task / Project within TM? (Nick Allen)

Melanie Eckle melanieeckle at gmx.de
Wed Sep 10 15:20:03 UTC 2014

Dear Nick,

my name is Melanie, I am reserach assistant at the GIScience department 
of the Heidelberg University/ Germany. Our group is focused on research 
in the area of Volunteered Geographic Information. One of the subjects 
we are investigating at the moment is to find ways to improve the 
quality/ accuracy of remote mapping by volunteers. With this background, 
I was very happy to read your post in the mailing list, since your idea 
fits very well with our efforts.
I could not agree more and would be very happy to contribute. I have 
been mapping for quite some time, conducted trainings with new mappers 
and have been working on new possibilities to facilitate the mapping 
process for beginners. I developed some training material for that 
purpose, showing the most important steps to be taken before mapping, 
common errors that occur during mapping and introducing some shortcuts. 
Working in Kathmandu with KathmanduLivingLabs, I also discovered the 
problems remote mappers got identifying unknown features in foreign 
countries. A problems that often leads to wrong tagging or digitization. 
On this account, the second part of the training material gives an 
overview of the most common features that can be found in the country 
that the mapping is conducted in (in this case Nepal) and the right tags 
that need to be used (Nepal taggging guidelines). I am actually testing 
the use of the material and already got good results and very positive 
feedback by the new mappers that used the training dossier.
I am happy to share the material if you are interested and would love to 
find out more about your project idea.

Kind regards

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