[HOT] West Africa Ebola Outbreak, New task for Paynesville, Monrovia

Pierre BĂ©land pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Fri Sep 12 18:35:15 UTC 2014

For those that want to help and organize mapathons, be assure that there will have other tasks to map. We have other jobs ready and will add to the list of tasks following the 
priorities identified by the humanitarian organizations for the various zones affected. The various Satellite Imagery supporting us are making great efforts to find new imagery which will bring ever more Task Manager jobs.

At the request of MSF, I just added this new one :
TM #647 - Ebola Outbreak, Paynesville centre, Monrovia, Buildings 

Note that  for some areas around Monrovia area, the Bing imagery is fuzzy. In such cases, 

Compare Mapbox and Bing Imagery for the square you map and decide which one is clearer for this zone. Indicate appropriate source on your changeset. The Mapbox imagery will be 
opened automatically with these Tasks and it will be possible to zoom at lower 
zooms. Note that the Mapbox is of lower resolution then Bing for this 
For those that like the technical details, Jean-Guilhem suggested to use tms:[17] to offer the possibility to zoom at lower levels with MapBox imagery is zones where it is medium-res. This way, the image will be stretche instead of be replaced by a black box when you try to zoom-in.

For the validators that want to revise TM #641 - Ebola Outbreak, Gardnersville-New Georgia-Banersville, Monrovia, Buildings, follow the same procedure. Since mappers had difficulty to spot buildings, you should see more to trace.

With this West Africa Ebola Outbreak activation, we have followed the priorities expressed by the humanitarian organizations, moving from the Geckedou / Macenta / Kissidouga areas (Guinea), to Lofa disctrict (Liberia), Kailahun and Kenema districts, Bo, Freetown (Liberia).

The priority is presently around Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. Since the beginning of August, there has been a high surge of Ebola cases in Liberia and the capital Monrovia. For Liberia, the number of deaths declared by WHO has increased from  255, Aug. 1 to 1,224  Sept. 6.  

For the UN operation of assistance that is planned presently, we have already provided a first set of OSM data for the Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone Place names. The new UNMIL Settlement Data for Liberia should help to revise Place Names for Liberia. The quality of such information is very important.   Thanks to Rafael Avila Coya who accepted Andrew proposition to look at this.

Plus, Thanks to all the partners, support team and contributors of this Activation

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