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Heather Leson heather.leson at hotosm.org
Fri Sep 12 11:31:20 UTC 2014


With the Ebola response continuing, I touched base with Andrew to ask what
needs help this weekend.  Activation folks - please do add any updates.

There are two types of tasks (mapping and documenting).

*1. Liberia Mapping*
Skills needed: Mapping, validating
95% done: Can we get 100%?
#641 Ebola Outbreak, Gardnersville-New Georgia-Banersville, Monrovia,
Buildings <http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/641>
77% done:
#624 Ebola Outbreak, Eastern counties, Liberia, road network
<http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/624>*2. Documentation and Writing*

a. Update the wiki page with HOT activation any recent media
Skills needed: Search media content, add to wiki, review archives of
mailing list and

b. Update the wiki page with HOT activation milestones
Skills needed: Review wiki milestones, add any key dates that you know
about. Or, review the HOT mail archives and update accordingly

c. Write a blog post update about the Ebola response.
The activation team is busy mapping. Can you write an update on what has
happened since the last post? Start a collaborative document, ask for
input, wordsmith, ping for publishing help
The last post:

Skills needed: Writing, Research, interview (get some quotes from
activation leads or participants)

d. Training working group to confirm - Create some supplementary training
materials - even a prime list of key tags like huts, mines building on
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_Tag_Africa tips. Again, only if
you think it is a priority. This could be blogged or a shared gdoc.

(I'll be online from 9 - 12 EDT tomorrow to cowork) (see worldtimebuddy.com
for conversions)


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