[HOT] Houses or buildings with no roof in W Africa mapping

Tom Taylor tom.taylor.stds at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 19:59:50 UTC 2014

My personal practice is to tag all such buildings as 
abandoned:building=yes. My reasoning is that uncovered walls will soon 
deteriorate, so the odds that this is a building under construction are low.

Tom Taylor

On 13/09/2014 12:44 AM, Blake Girardot wrote:
> Hi,
> New user supersonic3974 asked this question in irc last night but didn't
> get a reply:
> [22:45] <supersonic3974> Hey, quick question.  What are these things
> that look like buildings under construction?  They seem to be
> everywhere.  Here's an example:  http://imgur.com/ccS03xv
> I have that same question coincidentally enough.
> They look like buildings with no roof.
> Are they buildings under construction or structures that lost their roof?
> My guess is we wouldn't outline them since they probably are not
> inhabited, but I don't know for sure.
> I'll make sure he gets an answer if someone replies here.
> Cheers,
> Blake
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