[HOT] Training Working Group (WG) - Community WG - Tasking Manager2 (TM2) interactions

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 14:26:32 UTC 2014

Hi all,

At the last Tech WG meeting it was talked about to do some 
triage/prioritization of issues and requests to the TM2 software.

As Dra┼żen mentioned he would like to start that process tomorrow:


I know in the Training and Community WGs there were a few things 
mentioned that relied on the TM2 software supporting them.

I tried to collect those things into this hackpad document:


It is just a rough list so the Tech WG knows the sort of ideas we have 
been thinking about that relate to the TM2. Please feel free to add or 
remove from it as I know it needs work and the ideas have not been fully 
discussed in our respective groups, but I wanted to get them out there.

I think some items would be very easy to make into feature requests in 
the github issue tracker and probably pretty easy to implement in the 
software, but the first step is to let the Tech WG know about them in 
some way and now seemed like a good time. I did not find any of them in 
the issue tracker at the moment except for the couple that I put a link 
in with.

If you are interesting in any of these things and want to have input on 
or follow their implementation, You could sign up for a github account 
and "Watch" this github project:


Best wishes,

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