[HOT] profile pages on hot.osm.org

ifrik ifrik at ifrik.org
Wed Sep 24 19:59:25 UTC 2014


I've just deployed the more detailed profile pages on hot.osm.org.

For the board members, I've already added some of the information I got
into they profiles.

If you got an account, then you can login and just click on the edit tab
of your account page. That's the one you end up right after you logged in.

That form now has lots of other fields that you can fill in if you want
to. You can also set your preferred language. You can also change the
user name if you want to.

There currently aren't any working groups on the site, but once they are
then you can also add them to your account.

I'll be at the Biodiversity Convention meeting in Korea for the next 4
weeks, but after that I'll make automatic lists for board and voting


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