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Mon Sep 29 21:33:52 UTC 2014

Kate Chapman kindly answered a couple of questions I had about mapping
which I sent off to info at hotosm.org, but she added that I should use
the mailing list for further questions. (I should add that I'm
completely new to this, or anything like it for that matter, and am
using the i Edit editor.)
Although I've read more than one tutorial at the site, as well as
following along with i-Edit's walk-through, I didn't come across any
instructions on exactly how to tag items I've marked on the map.
Tagging codes, yes. But _how to tag_, no. Here's part of the exchange
we had, which has left me still confused:
My Qs--
	*It seems I'm supposed to pick a tiny square to work on that's
labeled "invalidated" and appears mauve (or light grey or light plum--
along those lines. I'm not good with colors). Whichever one I've
picked seems already to have had a lot of work done on it. Many
objects have been designated as buildings. OK, I get how to mark
buildings. But the ones already marked are further described as
"residential" or "building under construction", etc. How did others
know what kind of building it is? There's no "unknown type" choice as
far as I can see, and I'm unable to continue without a more refined
label. So I'm wondering, how I'm supposed to label buildings whose
details I can't see on the map?
Her answer:
You just need to select "building" so after you select building the
first time then select it again. This translates to building=yes in
the OSM tagging and is a generic building tag.

I went back and did that, but when I saved my changes I was given a
warning about "untagged areas." I poked around to see how to fix that,
but to no avail. What do I do about this?
And I have another couple of questions now: Part of the instructions
for this task (#660) state,
_Compare Mapbox and Bing Imagery for the square you map and decide
which one is clearer for this zone._
 ... but I can't find a button in the editor for switching maps. How
do I do that?
The instructions further say,
_Indicate appropriate source on your changeset. The Mapbox imagery is
opened automatically with this Task and it is possible to zoom at
lower zooms._
First, what's a changeset? Does that just mean there's a tag entry box
into which I type the map source? If so, I can't find it. Also, Bing
imagery, not Mapbox, was opened automatically with i-Edit, so do these
instructions assume the use of one of the other editors? (I'd really
like to stick with i-Edit, if I can, as one of them-- JOSM?-- requires
installing Java, which I'd like to avoid doing, and Potlatch looked
far more complex than i-Edit.)
Thanks in advance for your help.
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