[HOT] Interview on Mapping for Ebola for Serbian TV

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Tue Sep 30 10:10:50 UTC 2014

> 1) is there any Serbian national who would like to answer some
> questions on his/her experience in mapping for Ebola? Would this be in
> line with HOT guidelines? Does anybody need to issue a "permission"?

We discussed recently, what the protocols should be if journalist/news organisation contacts us through info at hotosm.org asking for a HOT representative. As they're asking you, I guess it's less important to get the right person, but in general it's obviously good to put forward people who are very involved and can give a good interview.

I think the best thing would be a Serbian national who is (at least a little bit) involved. (You actually don't have to know all the ins-and-outs of the ebola activation, to be able to answer basic questions from journalists about OpenStreetMap) Anyone Serbians available?

> could any "manager" of HOT release an interview (I was thinking
> maybe through Skype or something) to this journalist?

I am happy to do this yes. Or people like Kate and Mikel are probably quite reachable for an interview over skype. And Andrew Buck is an activation co-ordinator of course. As native english speakers these people would tend to give good interviews. 

> Please let me know asap since I need to reply to the journalist today or tomorrow.


YES! My top tip for responding to journalists: Respond Immediately! If they give you a number to ring, ring it!  Journalists are impatient and have short attention spans. They will have forgotten all about it tomorrow.

I failed to follow my own tip recently. Missed out on a BBC radio appearance because I didn't respond to an email until four hours later.

Harry Wood

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