[HOT] Advice needed: field mapping in Central African Republic

Michael HeiƟmeier michael63 at digital-filestore.de
Sun Apr 12 20:32:20 UTC 2015

Hello Pete,

> Some important landmarks in Bangassou are the catholic missions (of
> which there are at least two), prayer houses (of which there are many)
> and chief's houses (one for every quartier / village etc). Prayer
> houses are not churches and cannot be tagged as such as they fulfill
> very different roles, socially and culturally. However, they also are
> heavily used by local people to navigate the town / villages. Does
> anyone have any idea (or previous experience) of how these might be
> best tagged?

As Thomas already pointed out in his answer you might consider using 
amenity=place_of_worship as this is not exclusively reserved for churches. The 
OSM wiki has this paragraph concerning that key

    If the place of religious services is located in a /part of a multi-purpose
    building/, then the tag amenity
    <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:amenity>=*place_of_worship* should
    be placed on a node or area, inside the building outline. Examples are
    prayer rooms in public buildings or rooms rented for religious purposes in
    commercial buildings.

If the prayer house serves more like a cultural or social centre, using 
amenity=community_centre sounds like a viable alternative.

> Also, the chief's houses are definitely landmarks, but also are
> important places socially (kind of like a local administration
> office). However, they are also private residences. Many have a sign
> outside with the name of the chief and the quartier etc, but many do
> not. How can this be handled? Is it a consent issue with the chiefs?

I am tempted to suggest using amenity=townhall. Reading the wiki:

    Use this for a village, town or city *townhall*, a building where the
    administration of a village, town or city may be located, or it may just
    serve as a community meeting place .

    A townhall is not necessarily used (or having ever been used) for
    administrative function. The tag is also used for a "village hall", commonly
    in UK villages, and used for community events such as fundraising and Discos.

Apparently, the administrative function is not a requirement for this tag.

> Secondly, admin divisions...
> We are very close to having shapes for the the quartiers in Bangassou
> town. I know that the tag admin_level should be used, but how do I
> discern the level? The admin flow goes:
> Country
> Prefecture
> Sub-prefecture
> Town/village
> Arrondisement (only in the town itself - not in villages)
> Quartier

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:boundary%3Dadministrative proposes 
admin_level=10 for a quartier in CAR

I was just browsing the wiki, but have no prior experience concerning these 
topics. Hope this helps nevertheless.

Best Regards

(osm:michael63) /
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