[HOT] Slum mapping project need help to imagery stitching

Frederic Moine frmoine at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 07:44:00 UTC 2015

I 'm on a mission now in Guinéa and I don’t have my software install in 
my machine.

In terms of processing OSM Haiti get all the software to do that but I 
don’t know their planning (talk-ht at openstreetmap.org 
<mailto:talk-ht at openstreetmap.org>) but they can help . They have 
completed over 200 km2 of drone image.


Damage assessment:

They also monitored a 15 km2 area after a disaster (2012)


Every year they make flights over this area to monitor the situation

And the most important use of mapping party to promote change in 
neighborhoods. ( reduction of risks, cholera, alleviates diarrhea , 
reducing violence , etc ...)


We have also a mini server ( I have to send it to jean guilhem OSM 
France for improvment ) which allows us to do image processing in the 
field images and compressed images per 9 ( 1GB = 110 MB) to send the OSM 
server France or use the image locally via an internal wifi.

So here it is 100 % OSM and we try to use open source tools. We are all 
volunteer with a very limited budget.

We have done in 2014 a project with Cartong, to cover more area.

This year, we used a Near Infra Red caméra to help for land cover etc...

We are moving also on the 3D...

We are in touch with Techo in Haiti, Canaan area ( hydro simulation).

OSM Haiti are trying to develop in a maker space some cheaper open 
source rainfall station ( wind, rain accumulation, etc..). We have 
developed a hydro simulation methodology who*can allow* us to make 2D 
hydro simulation other a ravine in a slum area just after an heavy rain 
or flood event.

Include Participatory GIS, OSM, scientific information (rain fall 
station in the field) and Drone before and after a flood event.

*So far we didn’t find enough fund to deploy in the field this 
methodology*. As soon it is done we will share it.

For the moment all the image are available in JOSM / image / Haiti drone 

And OSM Haiti as nothing against exchange  their experience as well, for 
sure : )

All the best FredM

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