[HOT] Slum mapping project need help to imagery stitching

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc at arkemie.com
Sat Apr 18 11:09:42 UTC 2015

Hola Humberto,

Very nice work taking these drone images.

I made an orthomosaic from the 89 photos in your "Original photos"
folder, processed with Pix4Dmapper by Pix4D, and georeferenced it with
QGIS and GDAL based on Bing imagery (from which current OSM data was

It is available as TMS at this URL (for JOSM, in jpeg):

(There is also a png version, which allows transparency on the borders,
but has heavier tiles:

Best wishes,


(The "old team" running HOT US Inc. did not support these efforts, led
by Fred, initially for OSM Haïti community. Will the new Board support

Le 17/04/2015 23:39, hyances at gmail.com a écrit :
> Thanks Frederic! Really inspiring OSM Haiti community outcomes, I'll
> communicate with them. Nice to know about Techo there.
> Sure these methodology will fit in Colombia slums too, floods are a
> common variable, hope get funded!
> Humberto
> 2015-04-17 2:44 GMT-05:00 Frederic Moine <frmoine at gmail.com
> <mailto:frmoine at gmail.com>>:
>     I 'm on a mission now in Guinéa and I don’t have my software
>     install in my machine.
>     In terms of processing OSM Haiti get all the software to do that
>     but I don’t know their planning (talk-ht at openstreetmap.org
>     <mailto:talk-ht at openstreetmap.org>) but they can help . They have
>     completed over 200 km2 of drone image.
>     http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/geong-uav-haiti_17464#8/18.482/-71.719
>     Damage assessment:
>     They also monitored a 15 km2 area after a disaster (2012)
>     https://prezi.com/8yhrv8jabbgv/sandy-haiti-2012-uav-post-imagery-and-analysis/
>     Every year they make flights over this area to monitor the situation
>     And the most important use of mapping party to promote change in
>     neighborhoods. ( reduction of risks, cholera, alleviates diarrhea
>     , reducing violence , etc ...)
>      https://vimeo.com/121407863
>     We have also a mini server ( I have to send it to jean guilhem OSM
>     France for improvment ) which allows us to do image processing in
>     the field images and compressed images per 9 ( 1GB = 110 MB) to
>     send the OSM server France or use the image locally via an
>     internal wifi.
>     So here it is 100 % OSM and we try to use open source tools. We
>     are all volunteer with a very limited budget.
>     We have done in 2014 a project with Cartong, to cover more area.
>     This year, we used a Near Infra Red caméra to help for land cover
>     etc...
>     We are moving also on the 3D...
>     We are in touch with Techo in Haiti, Canaan area ( hydro simulation).
>     OSM Haiti are trying to develop in a maker space some cheaper open
>     source rainfall station ( wind, rain accumulation, etc..). We have
>     developed a hydro simulation methodology who*can allow* us to make
>     2D hydro simulation other a ravine in a slum area just after an
>     heavy rain or flood event.
>     Include Participatory GIS, OSM, scientific information (rain fall
>     station in the field) and Drone before and after a flood event.
>     *So far we didn’t find enough fund to deploy in the field this
>     methodology*. As soon it is done we will share it.
>     For the moment all the image are available in JOSM / image / Haiti
>     drone 2014.
>     And OSM Haiti as nothing against exchange  their experience as
>     well, for sure : )
>     All the best FredM

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