[HOT] #994 Nepal Earthquake - Extend to the North

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sun Apr 26 10:16:06 UTC 2015

I added task http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/1003  
Please trace also villages and buildings. This is not an easy job. Those that have travelled in such areas might read better the map. There might be some distorsions. Compare with MapBox.  

      De : Chris Braun <brauncch at gmail.com>
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 Objet : Re: [HOT] #994 Nepal Earthquake - Extend to the North
 Pierre, thanks a lot for your answer. Unfortunately the area in #1002 still does not cover the area I mentioned, namely between the Chinese border and Syabru Basi on the map (North of Kathmandou). 
 There is a high res satellite image in Google Earth dating back from 08/2014 where you clearly see the village and that it is clearly not surrounded by glaciers. Look around Lat 28.25 and Lng 85.36. 
 Is it an issue to extend the area in Task #994 so that this area is covered as well? 
 Again, thanks for your help on this.

On 25/04/2015 22:31, Pierre Béland wrote:
  Chris, I was revising the area and did identify the areas to mapped. The areas not included, I only saw glaciers. 
  The Manaslu trek goes up to the top of the zone. In this remote area, we will trace villages and houses.
  see http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/1002   
  People who have trekked in such areas could revise mapping and assure that everything is well traced.
      De : Chris Braun <brauncch at gmail.com>
 À : hot at openstreetmap.org 
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 Objet : [HOT] #994 Nepal Earthquake - Extend to the North
  Regarding the mapping of the roads North of Katmandou (Task #994), could you extend the area to be checked further to the North (add 1 or 2 rows)? 
  There are trekkers waiting for rescue in Timure, which is between the selected area and the Chinese border. So it would be helpful to include this area.
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