[HOT] Map volunteer for Nepal Quake- 2015

Arun Ganesh arun.planemad at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 14:36:01 UTC 2015

Hi Uzma, wonderful to have you with us.

We had a HOT mapathon in Bangalore today to get volunteers together and
teach them how to contribute. We have documented most of our instructions
in a very compact document:

Please see if you find this useful. Once you have some experience you can
organize and lead a mapathon at your campus.

Please let us know if you require any help.

On Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 7:47 PM, john whelan <jwhelan0112 at gmail.com> wrote:

> First welcome to HOT.
> Next read here for background http://hotosm.org/
> http://hotosm.org/get-involved
> OSM mapping maybe slightly different to the way you have mapped before.
> So have a look here:  http://learnosm.org/en/
> JOSM is the OSM tool that many experienced mappers prefer and if you can
> manged to use it it does have some error checking which helps data quality.
> Realistically I strongly suggest you start with a different project to get
> a feel and gain a little experience.  Have a look at how other experienced
> mappers have mapped and see how they have tagged roads etc.  If you click
> on a mappers name you'll see which projects they worked on and how many
> tiles they have done.  Pick one who has done lots of tiles.  Read the
> instructions carefully.  You don't need to completely map a tile to be of
> use, someone else will be along to finish the tile sometime.  So if you
> just want to concentrate on simple things like buildings with the JOSM
> building tool plugin start there and map other objects as you gain
> experience.  Ask questions here.
> The projects are listed here:  http://tasks.hotosm.org/
> Cheerio John
> On 26 April 2015 at 00:49, Uzma nazneen <uzmanazneenuzma at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Sir/Madam,
>> I am a Remote sensing and GIS Post Graduate student ,I want to be a map
>> volunteer for Nepal Quake-2015.So,I request you to let me know how can I
>> contribute myself to it.
>>  Thanking You,
>> Yous Sincerely,
>> UzmaNazneen.
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 Arun Ganesh
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