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It's a fair point, Ralph.

I will ask on the Missing Maps platforms that people not contribute if this
is their first time mapping.

It might be good to put a note on the description and instructions on the

Happy to do this if you guys think it's a good way to go...


On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 4:25 PM, AYTOUN RALPH <ralph.aytoun at ntlworld.com>

> If I don't scream I will end up tearing my hair out.
> We need to change what we are doing and who we are letting in to do it.
> These Activations in response to a disaster means that people's lives are
> at stake here. I am finding totally inexperienced mappers (some with no
> completed tiles and others with only one or two completed tiles) messing
> around with validating tiles or unlocking already validated tiles and
> working on them. I have a screen shot of Nepal #944 showing 5 validated
> tiles are actively locked. When I checked on the people that were doing
> this they were complete beginners.
> I have had one of the tiles I had completed opened by one of these
> beginners and started adding short little sections of disconnected roads
> (The instructions specifically ask us not to add these) then validating
> this tile, then invalidating it again.
> While I am all in favour of getting new mappers up and going this should
> only be done on the Missing Maps project and not on HOT Activations. It is
> extremely important that we get it right as quickly as possible for those
> people out in the field with injured and dead all around them and lives at
> stake for us to be rechecking already validated tiles because we can no
> longer trust them to be correct or near to correct.
> We have already had complaints about poor quality work in the past and
> this type of activity is not going to get us any better credibility. We
> really need to rethink the "open to all" policy for HOT Activations.
> I am now looking at #944 which shows 63% Validated right now and there is
> two more Validated tiles that are actively locked.
> I no longer trust the Green marked tiles as being checked and cleared. I
> know that the majority of what we are producing will be of some assistance
> in the hills of Nepal but can also imagine the frustration of those people
> with some of the nonsense I have managed to clean up while validating.
> OK. Rant over. I will be sending out messages to all the new mappers I
> have identified asking them to only work on the white tiles and not to open
> any of the orange or green ones until they have a lot more experience.
> Sorry to have interrupted you in the middle of this crisis but felt that
> this needed to be said.
> Ralph (RAytoun)
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