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Crisis management, redundance, and yes sometimes frustrating. But we have to keep our positive energy after running non stop since saturday morning. Crowdsourcing, we evolve from these experiences in context of crisis.

We would surely need a validation process that let's focus on the less experienced contributors. 
I wonder if such information could be extracted from the Task manager - Tasks completed by contributors less then xx months of experience ??
Should we have a team of validators that work together and identify ways to go on with validation and assure both quick response and quality?

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If I don't scream I will end up tearing my hair out.We need to change what we are doing and who we are letting in to do it.These Activations in response to a disaster means that people's lives are at stake here. I am finding totally inexperienced mappers (some with no completed tiles and others with only one or two completed tiles) messing around with validating tiles or unlocking already validated tiles and working on them. I have a screen shot of Nepal #944 showing 5 validated tiles are actively locked. When I checked on the people that were doing this they were complete beginners.I have had one of the tiles I had completed opened by one of these beginners and started adding short little sections of disconnected roads (The instructions specifically ask us not to add these) then validating this tile, then invalidating it again.While I am all in favour of getting new mappers up and going this should only be done on the Missing Maps project and not on HOT Activations. It is extremely important that we get it right as quickly as possible for those people out in the field with injured and dead all around them and lives at stake for us to be rechecking already validated tiles because we can no longer trust them to be correct or near to correct.We have already had complaints about poor quality work in the past and this type of activity is not going to get us any better credibility. We really need to rethink the "open to all" policy for HOT Activations.I am now looking at #944 which shows 63% Validated right now and there is two more Validated tiles that are actively locked.I no longer trust the Green marked tiles as being checked and cleared. I know that the majority of what we are producing will be of some assistance in the hills of Nepal but can also imagine the frustration of those people with some of the nonsense I have managed to clean up while validating.OK. Rant over. I will be sending out messages to all the new mappers I have identified asking them to only work on the white tiles and not to open any of the orange or green ones until they have a lot more experience.Sorry to have interrupted you in the middle of this crisis but felt that this needed to be said.Ralph (RAytoun)
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