[HOT] tool - calculate population of any given area in Nepal

Anand Thakker anand at developmentseed.org
Mon Apr 27 19:13:46 UTC 2015

Hi All,

We built a quick tool to calculate the population of any area in Nepal
<http://devseed.com/worldpop/>. Just draw the bounding box of the area that
you want to assess and we return the total population and population
density of that area. We hope that it can be helpful in planning response

The tool uses high resolution population information of Nepal from Worldpop
<http://www.worldpop.org.uk/>. If you prefer, you can download the foll
dataset from Worldpop

*A few caveats -* It currently *only works in Chrome*. This is an
unofficial beta. Expect bugs and frequent changes. The code is open source;
we welcome forks and contributions and feedback on github


Anand Thakker
Developer at Development Seed
@anandthakker <https://twitter.com/anandthakker> on Twitter & Github
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