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As well as the very good Mapgive site, could I suggest that someone has 
a read through http://learnosm.org/en/coordination/remote/ which 
includes links to the section about the Tasking Manager. Although there 
will always be mistakes, the main point to watch out for, is that only 
experienced mappers should be carrying out the validation.

When all of the squares of a project are taken & the mapper clicks on 
the 'take a task at random' link, the software can present a mapper with 
a square for validation instead - it does give a warning about this, but 
it is easily misunderstood, or not seen at all - hence a new mapper can 
unwittingly end up marking a square as 'validated'.

Good luck & thanks for this initiative - it is worthwhile!



On 28/04/15 09:51, John Andersson wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> At Wikimedia Sverige we quickly started organizing an event at our 
> office in Stockholm when we heard about the earthquake (we started the 
> work before I read about the problems that you have experienced). The 
> event will take place on the 29 April.
> I have asked the participants to go through the videos at Mapgive, and 
> me and my colleague will help guide the beginners as well. I have 
> participated in a number of tasks the last years and can surely help 
> them avoid stuff like not connecting lines etc., but I do not consider 
> myself an expert, so any further pointers would be welcome. Also, if 
> you have a good presentation for HOT ready that you would be willing 
> to share, please email me. Finally, if there is a specific task in the 
> task manager <http://tasks.hotosm.org/>that we should focus on, please 
> let me know.
> We have invited local OSM experts through the OSM Sweden mailing list, 
> but I have not received any replies yet.
> Best,
> John
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