[HOT] Would like to assist in the Nepal Mapping project

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 28 21:25:00 UTC 2015

Important that somebody revise these documents before advertisiing.
http://hotosm.github.io/tracing-guides/guide/Nepal.htmlThis Guide should be revised. For IDP, it instruct 
Area feature
Tent = Yes
Instructions, as indicated in job 1010 are   
   - idp:camp_site=spontaneous_camp
   - damage:event=nepal_earthquake_2015
   - source=DigitalGlobe/Mapbox WV3 27 April 2015

      De : Stacey Maples <stacemaples at stanford.edu>
 À : Harushi Tetsuka <harushi at prod-ent.com> 
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Apologies for cut and paste, here you go Harushi:

Basic Information for Contributing RIGHT NOW

Working on OpenStreetMap Tasks
General Info on the OSM Humanitarian Mapping effort:http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2015_Nepal_earthquakeIf you want to contribute IMMEDIATELY to ongoing Humanitarian Mapping efforts for Nepal through Humanitarian OpenStreetMap.org, please do the following:First go through the 30 minute training on http://mapgive.state.gov to learn the basics of humanitarian mapping using OpenStreetMap.orgThen go to the HOTOSM Task Manager at http://tasks.hotosm.org/ and select a job that you feel comfortable contributing to. Read the directions carefully for the job, then select one of the squares next to one that is marked as complete. This will allow you to pan to the completed square so you can see how others are digitizing the features and mimic their work.It doesn't matter how long you work, or how many features you digitize. There are currently hundreds of people mapping on HOTOSM for the Nepal Earthquake.Every edit counts.
Additional Tutorials and HOTOSM Resources
   - For examples of Before and After Earthquake Damage Assessments from Satellite Imagery   
   - Guidance for Mapping IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camps in the Nepal HOTOSM Tasks   

In F,L&T,
Stace Maples 
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From: "Harushi Tetsuka" <harushi at prod-ent.com>
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Subject: [HOT] Would like to assist in the Nepal Mapping project

I am a retired professional with above average computer skills. I have 
registered with Open Street and HOT. I am ready to help but I am not 
clear on how to receive an assignment. In the meantime, I will try and 
get acclimated with the map making program. Please advise.

Harushi Tetsuka

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