[HOT] TomNod integration for the next time around

William Morris wboykinm at geosprocket.com
Wed Apr 29 03:56:37 UTC 2015

Kevin Bullock of DigitalGlobe has graciously shared the results of the
TomNod effort so far, licensed CC 3.0 (with a plan to specifically permit
OSM use):
- map:

- data: http://mapperdev.tomnod.com/results/

It seems like there might be an opportunity in future activations (or now)
to use this data for:

1.) Planning and prioritization - as we move into damage assessment we're
probably going to be a step behind the TomNod participants; we should be
able to configure tasks that focus on areas with a high concentration of
damage reports and high levels of agreement. (I can't claim origination of
this idea: https://twitter.com/iheartcrowds/status/593170666662146048)
2.) Direct import - this is more dangerous, but there's an opportunity to
directly link TomNod contributions to OSM. High-agreement damaged buildings
seems like a possible starting place.

There are many technical considerations to be ironed out, including the
realtime nature of the TomNod data. It could benefit from a streaming API
of some sort, as well as some form of integration in the task manager. In
the meantime there's this somewhat-awkward url for overlays:


Hopefully this is an opportunity to minimize effort duplication and
leverage another motivated group of contributors.

-Bill Morris
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