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I'm a fast learner and find the slow pace of the beginner's guide frustratingly slow. How about a quick start guide at a pace those of us with skills in drawing and seeing could learn from. I had no problem picking up the ID tool set intuitively, but missed key processes because the directions are so wordy and mind numbing, I'd skipped them. 

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</div>Dear all,
What are people's thoughts on a set of introductory youtube videos?

Target could be new joins, content; setting up, what to start editing (e.g. white tiles), basics of image interpretation.

Probably  a series of must be basic, jargon free and brief.  Starting with introduction to humanitarian street map.

Can use missing map events in UK to start process of filming.


Peter Kohler 
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I have a script that collects all the changesets for a BBOX. Below are the coordinates of the BBOX with partly Tibet and India.
min_lon=80.6828, min_lat=26.7027, max_lon=87.4739, max_lat=29.8856

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Pierre – those are incredible stats, would love to see an update when convenient. I’ve been following http://osm.townsendjennings.com/nepal/ but your information seems to differ. 

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I would add to this,

This is the ransom of the success we had with the OpenStreetMap responses over the last few years

- Haiti 2010 1.5 million edits
- Haiyan 2013 4.5 million edits
- Ebola  million edits 16 milllions up to now?

- Nepal 2015, 1.5 million edits in three days (my last count yesterday night)
These HOT activations are quite a labotary, both very frustrating and motivating. We grow rapidly, interconnect with more organizations and constantly have to revise our workflows, adapt to new contexts.
At the same time, this is what's make our force.
What's can help the most in such HOT activations is some groups of experimented OSM contributors that take tasks like validation or routing. At the same time, the coordination is very important. Workflows and progress should be discussed.
Amazing also all the products that came out in the last few days proposed by various developpers. Too busy to list them now. Please add these in the wiki.

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I do agree with you in principle, and actually suggested using the
information on the task manager linke number of tiles a user has
completed to do things like flag new users tiles for extra caution in
validating and such.  Whether we want to restrict validating by them
as well is another possibility.  We need to be very careful though to
not discourage them because new users are the people that become
experienced users a short time later and we need all the volunteers we
can get.

Also, I do think we tend to focus too much on the task manager,
especially during activations; that is why I mentioned the josm thing.
It is an excellent tool, and we should definitely continue using it,
but we should also look at other ways more experienced mappers can
help out.  Downloading large areas by an experienced mapper and 'spot
checking' them it a very good, and efficient, way of doing QA for
those that know how.  We need to be thinking of these other, non task
manager, workflows for more experienced mappers that don't interfere
with the workers on the task managers, but also allow for more
efficient work by those who can handle the tools.

- -AndrewBuck

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