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         Emergency mapping is by its nature a bit chaotic. We are working
to clarify the issues you raised and many others.
         Please use the Tasking Master (http://tasks.hotosm.org) to find
areas that need mapping.
         And don't worry if your work may not be dead accurate. Humanitarian
organizations assure us that the maps are valuable to them, and that's the
bottom line.

Best wishes,

Charlotte Wolter

At 05:40 AM 4/29/2015, you wrote:
>I am one of the newcomers. I am not a GIS scientist & learnt on the 
>job and am relatively lightweight, however I know that I am 
>perfectly capable of making a contribution but the (HOT)OSM process 
>is not clear:
>As is mentioned in several previous posts*, there is a lack of 
>guidance and aims.
>I have spent most of this morning not contributing because I have 
>been trying to find out what to do & how to do it. I am not stupid 
>and if I have missed a link to instructions, then how many other 
>(willing to learn) people have? As part of the strategy to maintain 
>quality, surely the signposts to learning should be given great 
>prominence & be unmissable?
>Are the aims of disaster mapping different to those of other mapping 
>? In an non-emergency one can spend some time trying to work out 
>what a feature's properties are. Also, for example, how to interpret 
>from poor imagery say a path or track is it suitable for vehicles 
>etc, or whether to even include it.
>Jonathan Webb
> > As a lot of people get to know HOT/OSM for the first time during
> > disasters, it might be also helpful if we can draft an HOT FAQ (I actually
> > couldn't find one, please enlighten me if there's already one) CLKAO
>Jonathan Webb
>Freelance GIS Specialist
>07941 921905
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