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Thanks Arun
Excellent guide.
I suggest to faciliate reading from Selecting a HOT Mapping Task item 5.
to have when appropriate two colums to facilitate reading.
1. ID2. JOSM
For a specific function, you describe in each column what is specific to an editor.  

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I'm a fast learner and find the slow pace of the beginner's guide frustratingly slow. How about a quick start guide at a pace those of us with skills in drawing and seeing could learn from. I had no problem picking up the ID tool set intuitively, but missed key processes because the directions are so wordy and mind numbing, I'd skipped them. 

At the Bangalore mapathon, we put together a quick mapping guide for new editors and a validation guide for more experienced mappers. We would just give any volunteer interested the link to beginners pad that allowed them to start editing without much trouble.
Arun Ganesh (planemad)

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