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As a novice on HOT I would support Severin's suggestion for an "Experienced
Mapper" status for validation.  I have managed to complete about 36 Tasks
to date, and have decided to concentrate on the Malawi flooding Tasks,
although its High Priority status has been rather over taken by recent
events.  However, despite running for over 2 months only about 30% have
been completed.

Of my tasks completed three have been validated, with useful supportive
comments back from the validators (both of whom feature largely in the
ongoing correspondence - which rather says something about the numbers
available for validation).

I have had two other task areas validated - one of which must be been
someone hitting the completed button by mistake since only a couple of
buildings and tracks had been plotted - no comments in box.  The person who
validated the second task for which my comment box indicated some work that
still needed adding, added two buildings and then pressed the completed
button but again left no comment.  This task was their first recorded.

I do believe that the validation process needs to provide feedback - not
just on the technical quality - but also on things like the choice of
highway status made etc.


Andrew Patterson

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