[HOT] How to handle task edge areas correctly?

Henri Riihimäki henri.riihimaki at helsinki.fi
Thu Apr 30 07:39:23 UTC 2015



I am a beginner with HOT OSM. So far I’ve mostly digitized buildings
regarding the Gorkha task (#1009). I’ve read the beginners tutorials but I
haven’t seen what is the proper way to handle edge areas (maybe I’ve missed


1) if I find a road/path/track how that goes beyond my tile, how far should
I digitize it? Only to the border of my task tile or as far as it goes? 

2) if I find mistakes from the edge area that are within another tile or
that goes beyond my own tile, what should I do? 

and in general 3) how are roads/tracks connected between the tiles? 


For example this morning I edited a tile which had a lot of features that
were poor in quality. A lot of this data was in another tiles area (landuse
= residential). I get it that editing another tiles area might create
problems, but in the other hand leaving poor quality data isn’t any good


Link to task instructions: http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/1009


Best regards, 


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