[HOT] How to handle task edge areas correctly?

Suzan Reed suzan at suzanreed.com
Thu Apr 30 09:05:13 UTC 2015

So Nick, when we finish a square/tile/project and someone looks to validate it, we get feedback? We are told what we did right and what we did wrong? 


On Apr 30, 2015, at 1:57 AM, Nick Allen wrote:

Henri & all, especially any 'new mappers'

We need two things which sometimes are in conflict with each other.

1.  We're all part of a team, and we need to help each other without causing offence. We all make mistakes, and it's nice to have someone help us when we do - so validators, please consider putting links to help pages when you are 'validating' - I've listed LearnOSM because I know where they are, but there are other excellent resources such as MapGive, tracing guides, quick start guides. LearnOSM has largely been translated into numerous languages so you may consider sending the link in a different language - select the feature in your editor, then press 'Ctrl+h' to see the history of the editing, which will tell you who did it, rather than who updated Task Manager which is often different. Always make sure the guide you are referring to has the same instructions as the particular task/project, because they do vary.
    Mapping at the edge of a square http://learnosm.org/en/coordination/remote/#initial-view---josm
    or http://learnosm.org/en/coordination/remote/#initial-view---id

    The highway network & more info about highways

    Residential boundary

    Buildings, including round huts 

2. The quality control for the particular project / task.

In you're particular case, I would finish my square & then log into that adjacent square & correct the mistakes - but only if       I am certain I am correct, because otherwise it's very embarrassing!

& Henri - you're starting to think like a validator - please see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Tasking_Manager/Validating_data which was based upon work by Severin. If you are not ready to validate yet, then you've made a good start because you've started to realise what's needed. 

I'm pleased to say I'm still learning - I spend part of my time learning & part helping with the mapping. Its a big subject & I just hope we don't lose everyone once this drops out of the news headlines. The Aid Organisations (NGO's) are dealing with IDP's (Internally Displaced Persons) all of the time and have a full time staff to do so - the need for adequate mapping will not stop with Nepal.

Thanks & I hope to see more of your work in the future.


Nick (Tallguy)
tried to keep it brief, but didn't work!

On 30/04/15 09:05, Henri Riihimäki wrote:
> Thanks Nick!
> In my case the features didn’t go only a little into the other tile, they went a lot (e.g. they were not ‘handed over’). The edge area instructions could be shortly mentioned with the task instructions (sort of Do’s and Dont’s ) so this kind of mistakes could be avoided. What would be the proper way to correct them? Should I do it as I spot the mistake or should I leave it to the person editing the other tile (note: I have no idea whether the other guy has noticed the mistake). I also find it problematic that I can’t see the features that exist outside of my square, is there a way to see them? (I’m using JOSM)
> Henri
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> Henri
> Using my phone so briefly - see here
> http://learnosm.org/en/coordination/remote/#checking-on-the-existing-data---id
> Nick
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> On 30 Apr 2015 08:41, "Henri Riihimäki" <henri.riihimaki at helsinki.fi> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a beginner with HOT OSM. So far I’ve mostly digitized buildings regarding the Gorkha task (#1009). I’ve read the beginners tutorials but I haven’t seen what is the proper way to handle edge areas (maybe I’ve missed it).
> E.g.,
> 1) if I find a road/path/track how that goes beyond my tile, how far should I digitize it? Only to the border of my task tile or as far as it goes?
> 2) if I find mistakes from the edge area that are within another tile or that goes beyond my own tile, what should I do?
> and in general 3) how are roads/tracks connected between the tiles?
> For example this morning I edited a tile which had a lot of features that were poor in quality. A lot of this data was in another tiles area (landuse = residential). I get it that editing another tiles area might create problems, but in the other hand leaving poor quality data isn’t any good either.
> Link to task instructions: http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/1009
> Best regards,
> Henri
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