[HOT] Why we help: Earthbreaking messages asking for help

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 30 11:51:06 UTC 2015

Nirab from Kathmandu Living Labs is reporting. This is why we help and should try to be more organized to accelerate our response.
Just got this 

"my home is Sindhupalchowk, n from remote vdc selang-9. My home n my village is completely destroyed. Just tonight I came walking 3 hrs in a place called jalbire(Bajar-a place with better facilities than village), i thought I would find some relief workers in the nearby bazar but I didnt, i got to access facebook in Jalbire, my village has no reception for ntc/ncell. Our village hasnt received even a single noodle or biscuit. From facebook news i saw everyone ask about only sindhupalchowk, sakhu, melamchi, chautara n barabise. 

Sindhupalchowk alone has 70-80 vdc(Village development committee), whole sindhupalchowk is devastated, I lost 15 relatives in my village, these deaths wont even be counted, if rescue team were to reach every village sindhupalchowk alone might have 5-6 thousands death and many are missing, rescue team havent reached our village and 100-200 villages like ours , so many dead bodies were pulled out with mutual help, so many are still left and so many animals dead, and it has started to smell, to reach my home you have to go 25 km from araniko highway, and i know somany villages that u need to walk 1 day away from mine , if they havent even reached my village i dont know what has happened to others.
I dont know why i posted this, there is one healthpost near my village, and people walk one whole day to that healthpost to get citamol, such place where even citamol hasnt reached i dont think rescue team will, but I wish friends in this group will let related organizations know that sindhupalchowk is big and remote, I wish help and support not only goes to sankhu, melamchi but also to 70 vdc , and my village. I would be thankful if anyone can convey this message to ones tha tcan help" 

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