[HOT] Validation

Jarmo Kivekäs jarmo.kivekas at guttula.com
Sun Aug 30 15:43:43 UTC 2015

Currently there are tooltips in place that are displayed when you hover
the cursor over the button. They give a pretty clear idea on what the
buttons do:

- "Lock this task to tell other that you are currently working on it"
- "Stop working on this task and unlock it. You may resume work on it
again later."
- "Mark this task as done if you have completed all items in the

I think we should settle for "Start mapping" and "Stop mapping" for the
button labels.

-- Jarmo

On 30.08.2015 15:18, Martin Dittus wrote:
> A further consideration: the terms should express a sense of _why_ we’re asking people to press these buttons. The technical “check in/out” hints at this, although it is likely not universally understood, and might not easily translate.
> Do we explain our coordination workflow anywhere? If we have some confidence that people have seen that explanation before they are asked to “start”, then button labelling will become more straightforward. There’s less burden on the button to explain a fundamental workflow in 2-3 words.
> It could be as simple as adding a sentence above the buttons.
> Although 2-3 words that label the button *and* explain the process at the same time would of course be the most elegant option :)
> m.

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