[HOT] Questions regarding Missing Maps Mapping Party in the Netherlands

Willy Bakker friesewoudloper at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 07:59:12 UTC 2015


In the Netherlands we are organizing a Missing Maps Mapping Party the 14th
of february.
I'd really like your feedback on two questions we have:

Firstly, which editor would you recommend for beginners? In Berlin during
the Open Knowledge Festival I attended a HOT workshop where the iD editor
was used; at the mapping party in Antwerp in december they used JOSM. Which
one is the best for beginners?

Secondly, we think it is important that tasks that are done are validated
as soon as possible. Because of that we would like to 'appoint' an
experienced mapper at the mapping party to validate the done tasks. But
what are the requirements for this person? Can any experienced mapper
validate tasks?


Willy Bakker
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