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Hi Sev, have tried to address some of your concerns in line .. below


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On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 12:54 AM, Severin Menard <severin.menard at gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> Sorry for getting back late on this thread.
> Linkedin may be a large social media for professionals, what it has
> achieved by building its audience by emailing systematically personal
> contact lists, what makes it one of the most spamming site in the OSM
> talking lists, from my experience of moderator of a few lists. Therefore
> Linkedin is not very OSM friendly and reading the email title,  I thought
> it was again one of these Linkedin spams slipping through the net from time
> to time. Linkedin finally got its point, ha!

I generally turn this off on my LI account. It does have quite good Opt-Out
capabilities on your profile for emails. Open Groups are often a source of
this type of Spam .. I do not think LI emails would make it through to the
HOT lists, and there is no intention of having any LI auto generated
em,ails showing up on this List. I am a moderator, so will make sore of
that :)

> I have a few (other) concerns:
> 1. The description of what is HOT in this page is not very clear about
> what HOT is. As a Board member, I must admit we did not work yet on
> defining what the HOT project is, what we have planned to after the HOT in
> Person meeting but did not take the time yet to work on it. In IMHO it does
> not emphasize enough that HOT the nGO has been created to coordinate and
> support the free contribution of hundreds (almost thousands) of volunteers,
> that are the core of the HOT project.

Waiting for the communication Group to define. Open to suggestions and can
change at any time. I would suggest that this should mirror what is on the
web site

> 2. What is exactly the aim of "to reach out and engage with Humanitarian
> and Mapping Professionals" with this group. Finding new people volunteering
> among the professionals or publishing positions every time new ones are
> available? IMHO again, would be good tfor the two cases to drive the people
> interested either to the OSM lists or HOT website. But for the second case,
> it would be better to have people volunteering first before applying to
> positions
> It is intended to be a way to reach an audience we may not already have
contact with. The clear aim is NOT to replicate the HOT List or anything
else, but provide a way for people who may not be part of the Open Source
Community to become aware of what we do, especially in a Humanitarian
context and then join our community. It also may provide possible avenues
for Sponsorship with organizations who have never heard of HOT, etc

> 3. Why the Discussion group, where it seems discussions are planned to be
> done, rather than simply linking to existing channels? And this is a closed
> group (maybe by definition in Linkedin) so it will not help people
> volunteering to have a clear picture of what happens if there is this group
> with discussion behind the scenes

Open Groups are very prone to the Spam you mention above. The closed group
is intended to avoid that. It is purely intended to be an Announce Only
group and any questions/discussions will be generally redirected to the HOT
List. Also, in some organizations, mail lists like the HOT list IRC
Channels are not permitted, by corporate policy, so we still have an
opportunity to keep in contact with people via this Group It is just
another avenue that may or may not be worthwhile. Also, some people are a
little shy about asking initial questions on lists that go to a lot of
people, so sometimes a small venue to encourage them can be useful.

> A few minor remarks or questions: I think HOT the NGO has been officially
> created in 2010 and not 2012, and do not understand well the figure of
> 51-200 employees. Is it the total number of people that have been
> contracted since the creation of the organization?
> I just guessed the Number, am totally open to suggestions. I would guess
it could be either Voting Members or All Volunteers. If you have a figure,
let me know will adjust it.

> Sincerely,
> Severin
> On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 9:42 PM, Mark Cupitt <markcupitt at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear All
>> The Communications Working Group is pleased to announce that HOT now has
>> a presence on LinkedIn. The objective of this move is to further promote
>> HOT's work to the professional and business community world wide and
>> directly engage with people who may be interested in our activities.
>> We have two pages, a Company Page and a Discussion Group
>> The Company Page is designed to showcase HOT, what it is and highlight
>> key activities that HOT undertakes.
>> The company page is at
>> https://www.linkedin.com/company/humanitarian-openstreetmap-team
>> If you are a LinkedIn Member, please show your support by following the
>> company page and sharing the page to your contacts
>> Hot also has a Discussion Group
>> https://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=6937224&trk=groups_management_edit_group_info-h-dsc
>> This Group is not intended to replace the main Hot List, rather it is
>> intended as a mechanism to reach out and engage with Humanitarian and
>> Mapping Professionals all over the world as well as promoting HOT
>> Activities and events
>> Again, please join the group and share it with all your contacts.
>> We are excited about this New LinkedIn Presence!
>> LinkedIn has a reach that extends to millions of professionals world wide
>> and we look forward to engaging with people from all over the world and
>> showcasing our work.
>> Regards
>> Mark Cupitt
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