[HOT] OAM Survey

Cristiano Giovando cristiano.giovando at hotosm.org
Tue Feb 10 07:37:16 UTC 2015


As one of the first steps in the development of OAM, we are publishing
a short user requirement survey to collect feedback and ideas:


If you use aerial or satellite imagery in your humanitarian mapping
projects (e.g. for tracing or visual analysis), we invite you to
complete section 1. If you or your organization also provides aerial
imagery for mapping purposes, then it would be great if you could
answer section 2 as well.

The entire survey should not take more than 10 minutes. Contact me
with any question and please forward the link to anyone who might be

Thank you!


Cristiano Giovando
Technical Project Manager
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
cristiano.giovando at hotosm.org

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