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Hi all,

As discussed in the last Activation Working Group meeting, a short note
about this first job (#884) [1] of the Northeast Nigeria Crisis activation
that will be coordinated by Rafael and I.

The Northeast Nigeria has been affected for years now by a complex
humanitarian crisis fueled by the insurgency of the Boko Haram group which
has gradually gained in intensity and impact affecting over the past months
its neighbouring countries and turning into a regional crisis (check 6-Feb
OCHA Report over the security situation in the State of Borno [2]).
Baseline data (places, residential areas and building as well as road
networks) over this large affected region are needed for the various actors
engaged in the response of this complex regional emergency. Several OSM
initiatives have been lead in some areas (Nigeria e-Health data import,
mapping by local OSM groups from Niger and Cameroun, as well as the efforts
of individual efforts) and individual efforts are still continuing.
Discussions with humanitarian actors highlighted the relevance of OSM data
in this crisis and a continued effort but stressed at the same time the
need to operate in a discrete mode given the political conflict dimension
of this crisis.


[1] http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/884

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