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althio althio.forum at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 13:59:56 UTC 2015

My personal views is that statuses done/validated/invalidated should be
related to progress and quality of the current state of mapping.
We should not use that to give feedback or give implicitly a notation to
previous mappers.
Use comments (with @-mentions) for feedback.
A "notation" of mappers is a very complex and different problem.

Pragmatic / Real situation answers

Empty tile or most work not done: invalidated, short comment.

A bit of work left to do ie. a few missing elements or tagging errors. I
would do corrections to bring the mapping standard up to required level, I
would add detailed comment to provide feedback or guidance. If I am
confident enough with the previous work and my minor edits, I validate
since the tile is now OK. Otherwise I leave it to another reviewer.

In between? It depends on the mood and available time obviously and the
limits between cases are fuzzy.
If I have too little time or it is too much corrections I would go for the
comments only with @-mentions, most of the time with no further
validation/invalidation. If I avoid invalidation I hope the comment is
enough for track record and bring attention to previous and potential
mappers. This is taking care of community over quality and I appreciate
that opinions may differ.

john whelan <jwhelan0112 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Question at what point should I invalidate?  The question arises when
> perhaps I've added a dozen settlements and half a dozen highways, I'm
> fairly experienced so fairly comfortable the work is OK after I've added in
> the validation but there is the question that I've added a dozen
> settlements and no one else will be validating.
> I'm looking more for pragmatic answers more than anything else, there is a
> concern that if I invalidate a tile it may demotivate a mapper and at the
> moment we have a lot of tiles to map.
> Thanks
> Cheerio John
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