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Mapping for TM#898 Prefecture of Kambia, I see a lot of these housing.  We have to carefully look at the map to find isolated hamlets with sometimes less then 10 huts or houses.  As Rod said, there can be a mix of houses and 
"millet granary".
What is important at this stage is to circle all these residential areas plus add roads connecting to the residential areas. This is to facilitate humanitarian organizations logistic planning to visit these areas and support the population spread on this territory. Pierre 

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 Hi Daniel,
 depends on what kind of "hut" you're talking about. Most of these are permanent housing. Some (they tend to be smaller) are granaries.
 Try googling images with "west african hut" and "millet granary" to make yourself an idea. 
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Oops -- didn't mean to send that last one.  Question about huts -- in West Africa there are a lot of huts, sometimes just out in the forest with no rectangular buildings or clearings nearby.  Are these for storage?  Temporary housing? 
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 Mapping in Africa from satellite images I find I'm adding perhaps half a
 dozen settlements when I validate, they're quite quick and easy to do.
 Some are huts and are not quite so easy to spot.
 Question at what point should I invalidate?  The question arises when
 perhaps I've added a dozen settlements and half a dozen highways, I'm
 fairly experienced so fairly comfortable the work is OK after I've added in
 the validation but there is the question that I've added a dozen
 settlements and no one else will be validating.
 I'm looking more for pragmatic answers more than anything else, there is a
 concern that if I invalidate a tile it may demotivate a mapper and at the
 moment we have a lot of tiles to map.
 Cheerio John
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