[HOT] Malawi Flood #847 - buildings among fields

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Sat Feb 21 01:52:23 UTC 2015

Hi Kretzer,

The best answer would be from someone who's actually been there, but my 
calculated guess is that at least some of those buildings are 
residential. It looks as if some have a sort of compound created from 
hedging and possibly even a driveway, which makes me wonder if the 
'path' should actually be a road. I'd have to look in detail at a larger 
area to try to work out the highway status - if you can't find something 
definite then tagging as a path is good, and a validator with an 
overview will change it if they disagree - you will have done the hard 
part which is tracing it in the first place. There are quite a few more 
unmapped buildings to the North West as well.

If you don't get a better answer from someone with more knowledge of the 
task & area, I would go with adding them to the map, which needs doing 
anyway, as

And if you think it is a residential cluster, then put a

boundary around them.

Keep up the good work


On 21/02/15 00:56, Kretzer wrote:
> Hi!
> I have just been mapping some areas of the Malawi Flood task 847 and found many buildings or small groups of buildings among the fields. I wonder if these should be mapped as "residential"- of course I can't know if there rally are people living. Some might be used for storage or animals, but many look like they are inhabited. Like her for example: http://osm.org/go/lsDzzIwJm--
> If I understand it correctly the ares for the task are the recently flooded ares intersected with the residential areas.
> So the areas I am looking at here at are not part of the task, because they have not been marked as "residential" before. Does that mean they should not be mapped?
> Sorry, if that's a stupid question - I'm quite new to this, but find it really interesting.
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