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Importing data like this is always a possibility.  There are two
considerations that are important, the first is the copyright license
of the data (you would need to get permission from that group to
include the data in OSM).  The second is the quality and accuracy of
the data.  Given that it is just 8 wells I would assume the creators
of the data know how it was collected, and therefore know how accurate
it is.  If the license can be ascertained and the data is decent then
you send an email to the imports mailing list outlining the import and
the process.  For something so small I doubt there would be much
objection as long as the license is acceptable, but it is good to let
them know anyway.

Regarding the village you are looking to map, I see it is pretty well
mapped via Bing as you noted, however it is missing buildings.  I will
map out all the buildings, should only take an hour or so at most.
Having the buildings on the map makes things like walking papers much
more effective for field surveys.

- -AndrewBuck

On 02/23/2015 03:40 AM, Francesco Giunta wrote:
> Answer to John, the village is Boulpon in centre west area of
> Burkina Faso. That region is well Bing mapped from a volunteer of
> another NGO. So I thing there is already a good draft OSM map.
> Even if not in the project area, do you thing can be a good idea
> put in OSM for example the water well made by this NGO? 
> http://www.ali2000.it/index.php/archivio-progetti-left/2013
> I've seen in OSM, in the Ghana region there are some water wells
> marked by a Columbia University. Those data have a custom tags set
> and I've already wrote to the mapper to have more infos about his
> method. Waiting for answer.
> Anyway I've prepared my paper form field with HOT tags for water
> wells and 3 more tags I things are useful, I'll be glad to share
> with you my ideas about.
> Ciao, Francesco.
> Francesco Giunta giunta.francesco at gmail.com 
> www.francescogiunta.com www.rasmataonlus.org
> skype: giunta.francesco cell: +39 339 3793 821

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