[HOT] Task manager description/instructions #591

Pierre BĂ©land pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Fri Jan 2 14:23:52 UTC 2015

 from : Laura Green 
I *think* it means (for JOSM users, not sure if it applies to ID): 

>> 2) disregard the automatic imagery that downloads when you contribute, download Bing imagery instead.
Yes, this applies for JOSM.
>> 3) Bing imagery is now aligned correctly (as of date xxx), so please realign or redraw vector data to match the Bing imagery.
I am not familiar with ID, but the wiki page http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Using_Imageryindicates:
Press 'b' in when editor is open (or click icon with layers). Then click text "align imagery" and you will see 4 arrows to calibrate offset. 


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