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         How does one change the alignment of imagery with ID? I've been
mapping with ID for over a year, and I never heard of that.
         This is just what Laura is talking 
about. We need plain and simple guidance.
         When both the Bing and Worldview imagery 
were available in Mali, I used
only the Bing imagery, because it was clearly superior (no huge pixels), and I
moved objects as necessary to align with Bing.


On 1/2/2015 3:14 PM, Laura Green wrote:
> > Might someone be able to clarify the 
> instructions shown on the HOT page please?
> > > I *think* it means (for JOSM users, not sure if it applies to ID):
> > > 1) please map roads, streets, buildings, 
> walls, water streams and canals.
> > 2) disregard the automatic imagery that 
> downloads when you contribute, download Bing imagery instead.
> > 3) Bing imagery is now aligned correctly (as 
> of date xxx), so please realign or redraw 
> vector data to match the Bing imagery.
>This applies to ID and JOSM. The task will load WorldView imagery
>for either editor. I think you have the directions basically correct,
>but as I read them now my understanding is this:
>1. Start editing a task.
>2. Load the Bing imagery (now 2013 images). (In JOSM do not use the
>alignment database plugin settings, they are no long needed for Bing imagery)
>3. Make sure some buildings and roads are mapped correctly using the Bing
>imagery. Move or map some new ones to match Bing.
>4. Then load the WorldView imagery (2014 imagery).
>5. Background align the WorldView imagery to match what you just mapped
>in using the Bing imagery if needed.
>6. Carry on mapping using the WorldView imagery after you have aligned
>it or checked its alignment.
>Discussion: Just make sure you use the Bing imagery as the reference. So
>you would not do any background image alignment with the Bing imagery.
>If buildings or roads were not well matched to the Bing imagery you could
>redraw them to match the Bing imagery. Once you have drawn some buildings
>and roads using the Bing imagery, you would then display the WorldView
>imagery and do the background image alignment to make the WorldView
>imagery match up with what you drew using the Bing imagery if that is needed.
>That process is what it means to use the Bing 
>imagery as the reference imagery:
>You map some with Bing, then align any other imagery to what you mapped using
>the Bing imagery.
> > ...but I may be misinterpreting the description/instructions.
> > > I’d like to comment generally about the 
> hot task manager descriptions/instructions:
> > > Unless indicated as "Expert only" at the 
> very beginning of an activation page, I'm
>assuming all activations are for the general 
>public to contribute to? The "whys and
>wherefores" and technical information I feel are 
>often getting in the way of plain
>and simple guidance as to what is required, so 
>people can just get on with it, and not
>have to hunt for the pertinent 
>information.  Plainly worded bullet points would be ideal.
>Any "nice to know" information could be provided below this.
>You are right on each point here. It is a 
>challenge though with many different people
>creating directions for Projects. It is too easy 
>to forget not everyone knows what
>"vector data" is. And there is the issue that 
>not everyone is a native speaker of the
>language the directions might be written in. We 
>are working to create some standard
>sets of directions in English for things like 
>drawing buildings and roads, aligning
>imagery, etc that a Project creator could , 
>optionally, choose to use. That will help
>with some of the inconsistent directions.
>Thank you very much for helping map and please 
>let us know if you have any further
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