[HOT] Task manager description/instructions #591

althio forum althio.forum at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 10:08:28 UTC 2015

What a great discussion, thanks Laura for your meaningful question and
thanks to you all for your inputs.

Laura: As a summary of what Blake explained, you should use both
imageries for project #591.
1. First use Bing as a reference for alignment and do the first pass
with most of the mapping;
2. Second use Worldview - to be aligned on Bing - as it is more
recent. Use it for an update pass mapping (it should be a few more or
less buildings mostly).

Pete: your message is not lengthy, rather it is informative and
extremely useful. Interesting feedback and great resources. Thanks for
sharing them too!

John and others, regarding multi-pass mapping workflow:
I agree this is a neat idea and we should consider it, maybe try it
for a large-scale mapping project without emergency first.

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