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That's really helpful, thank you very much.  The Beginner's guide was not
joking when it said that this was a steep learning curve!!

Best Wishes


On 14 January 2015 at 20:12, Max Bainrot <mbainrot at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> On 14 Jan 2015 6:28 am, "Andrew Patterson" <andrewvhp at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > I am just starting to do some plotting on task #591 - South Sudan
> Crisis, Cholera outbreak in Juba, mapping with WorldView-2 - task 38 and
> would welcome some checking and the answer to a couple of questions before
> I do too much abortive work.  The first question is, I guess, whether this
> is the correct forum into which to place this request.
> Yup this is the right place a far as I know
> >
> > In opening Task 38 I had assumed from the instructions that the preset
> image would be Worldview-2, but I notice from the offset database to which
> it is currently set that the name given is Digital Global - is this one and
> the same.
> >
> > When I first started mapping I used iD editor and bling, which had a
> very clear image from which I also digitised some areas that appeared to be
> cultivated areas.  Although not asked for, these areas did provide some
> explanation for certain tracks.  When I converted to JOSM as loaded, on one
> occasion I moved the bling image to co-incide with my plotted items, and
> adjusted the placing of these areas.  Are both of these actions valid?
> To my understanding of the Sudan Juba task it doesn't say not to, and
> agricultural places would suggest a presence of a water source.
> As for imagery I also found that iD editor was a bit difficult to get bing
> imagery to work, in JOSM you may need to click the eye ball (on the bus ATM
> so I can't check to describe the icon)
> What I have also found helpful is to use transparency to help align the
> bing imagery to the worldview to the OSM data
> >
> > Finally, the square that I am currently mapping was for the most part
> empty, accept in the southern end where a number of tracks and buildings
> had been entered at least 12 months ago.  These do not appear to have been
> on a particular offset, and are therefore considerably astray with the
> offset that I am using.  Am I justified in moving them, particularly in the
> light of the instruction information about the update of imagery.
> >
> If your confident that the astray items are the ones offset not the other
> data then I would say its safe to do so. I also look at neighboring tiles
> to be sure that your imagery is properly aligned
> One thing I forgot to do on the tile I was working on was I forgot to
> check for GPS traces as they (particularly in numbers ) are ultimately the
> golden source of truth.
> Though please note that I am very new to OSM and HOT so your milage on my
> advice may vary :)
> Cheers
> Max

Andrew Patterson

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