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Max Bainrot mbainrot at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 20:12:43 UTC 2015

Hi Andrew,

On 14 Jan 2015 6:28 am, "Andrew Patterson" <andrewvhp at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am just starting to do some plotting on task #591 - South Sudan Crisis,
Cholera outbreak in Juba, mapping with WorldView-2 - task 38 and would
welcome some checking and the answer to a couple of questions before I do
too much abortive work.  The first question is, I guess, whether this is
the correct forum into which to place this request.

Yup this is the right place a far as I know

> In opening Task 38 I had assumed from the instructions that the preset
image would be Worldview-2, but I notice from the offset database to which
it is currently set that the name given is Digital Global - is this one and
the same.
> When I first started mapping I used iD editor and bling, which had a very
clear image from which I also digitised some areas that appeared to be
cultivated areas.  Although not asked for, these areas did provide some
explanation for certain tracks.  When I converted to JOSM as loaded, on one
occasion I moved the bling image to co-incide with my plotted items, and
adjusted the placing of these areas.  Are both of these actions valid?

To my understanding of the Sudan Juba task it doesn't say not to, and
agricultural places would suggest a presence of a water source.

As for imagery I also found that iD editor was a bit difficult to get bing
imagery to work, in JOSM you may need to click the eye ball (on the bus ATM
so I can't check to describe the icon)

What I have also found helpful is to use transparency to help align the
bing imagery to the worldview to the OSM data

> Finally, the square that I am currently mapping was for the most part
empty, accept in the southern end where a number of tracks and buildings
had been entered at least 12 months ago.  These do not appear to have been
on a particular offset, and are therefore considerably astray with the
offset that I am using.  Am I justified in moving them, particularly in the
light of the instruction information about the update of imagery.

If your confident that the astray items are the ones offset not the other
data then I would say its safe to do so. I also look at neighboring tiles
to be sure that your imagery is properly aligned

One thing I forgot to do on the tile I was working on was I forgot to check
for GPS traces as they (particularly in numbers ) are ultimately the golden
source of truth.

Though please note that I am very new to OSM and HOT so your milage on my
advice may vary :)

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