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Thu Jan 15 09:23:02 UTC 2015

Many thanks - this is very helpful - not least your indication that I've
chosen a difficult starting point, and may not be so much of an idiot as I
thought !!

Your suggestion re "fixme" really resolves one of the worries that I had on
the identification of areas in particular.  Interesting that the Bing area
that I had initially thought to be woodland is shown as cleared land on the
later world view image, and I should perhaps identify it as cultivated land.

Best Wishes


On 14 January 2015 at 21:56, althio althio <althio.forum at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Andrew, welcome to HOT and our mailing list!
> > Worldview-2 ... name given is Digital Global - is this one and the same.
> Yes. "The imagery [...] is from Digital Globe’s WorldView-2 satellite
> taken on February 20, 2014."
> This gets confusing when sometimes we refer to the provider and
> sometimes to the satellite.
> The imagery handling is quite complicated and has been modified over
> time in this particular project.
> So you picked a tough one for a starter but brace yourself and follow us!
> Everything related to the imagery is detailed for this project in the
> very first tab "Description".
> For your convenience I copy here two sets of explanation regarding the
> imagery instructions.
> [from a previous thread with close topic at:
> https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/hot/2015-January/007016.html
> ]
> >>> 1. Start editing a task.
> >>> 2. Load the Bing imagery (now 2013 images). (In JOSM do not use the
> alignment database plugin settings, they are no long needed for Bing
> imagery)
> >>> 3. Make sure some buildings and roads are mapped correctly using the
> Bing imagery. Move or map some new ones to match Bing.
> >>> 4. Then load the WorldView imagery (2014 imagery).
> >>> 5. Background align the WorldView imagery to match what you just
> mapped in using the Bing imagery if needed.
> >>> 6. Carry on mapping using the WorldView imagery after you have aligned
> it or checked its alignment.
> >> As a summary of what Blake explained, you should use both imageries for
> project #591.
> >> 1. First use Bing as a reference for alignment and do the first pass
> with most of the mapping;
> >> 2. Second use Worldview - to be aligned on Bing - as it is more recent.
> Use it for an update pass mapping (it should be a few more or less
> buildings mostly).
> With this in mind, let me come back to your questions.
> > When I converted to JOSM as loaded, on one
> > occasion I moved the bling image to co-incide with my plotted items, and
> > adjusted the placing of these areas.  Are both of these actions valid?
> In this project, Bing imagery is the common reference for alignment so
> you should not move it.
> I think michael63 helped you already with your square.
> Do not try to align on GPS traces even if you can find one, as we are
> interested in homogeneity.
> Everyone aligned to Bing is more useful.
> >> if you are not sure about the nature of an object do not place any
> questions in the name tag, use the note tag for this purpose
> The note tag is well suited indeed for a remark concerning tagging.
> Another common practice is fixme=* for instance "fixme=confirm if
> school and add name" or "fixme=confirm if farmland".
> These "fixme" tags really stands out with the map-style Humanitarian
> that can be loaded in JOSM.
> Many experienced HOT mappers and validators use this style.
> Thanks everyone and keep going!

Andrew Patterson

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