[HOT] #777 Hi-res imagery for Cameroon (was Mapping Northern Nigeria ?)

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Thu Jan 15 21:23:53 UTC 2015

On 15/01/2015 19:15, Jorieke Vyncke wrote:
> Just a small remark : recently we got high resolution imagery for 
> whole Cameroon from DigitalGlobe. And in the far north along the 
> border with Nigera they face the same problems 
> <http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/nigeria/11341289/Boko-Haram-push-across-border-to-attack-Cameroon-army.html>, 
> and Nigerian refugees are coming too... So it might be an idea to 
> start over there? I now a bunch of ngo's are working in the far north, 
> like French Red Cross, GIZ and Unicef.
I recently contributed to HOT #777 (East Cameroon - Polio Outbreak and 
Ebola Preparedness). Quite a number of squares we couldn't map much 
because there was no hi-res imagery available.
If it is true that there is hi-res imagery for the whole of Cameroon, 
could it be made available for the area covered by #777 please?

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